7 Most Profitable Niches With High Demand [#5 with very low competition]

7 Most Profitable Niches With High Demand [#5 with very low competition]

Thinking of a profitable product to launch in the Ecommerce business but confused in selecting the products, then you landed on the right place.

During and after COVID-19, the trend of business in Ecommerce is going exponentially high and it feels like it's saturated for the newcomers entering this business. A common perception is developing now that over 80% of people are losing money in the Ecommerce businesses. But the fact is you just need to come up with the right strategy and the right products launched at the right time. TOO MANY RIGHTS!!! MORE CONFUSING!!!

Let's simplify it, the products you select should be in high demand and of low competition. It's better to launch evergreen products BUT that does not mean we should overlook the trendy products because the potential of trendy products is far far higher than evergreen products, for instance, Christmas products. Though its products are seasonal and trendy BUT the kind of revenue these products generates will be equal if not more than evergreen products.

Let's dive in to find the 7 most profitable niches for the Ecommerce business whether it's on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook shops, etc.

7 Most Profitable Niches

1. Wearable Technology

People are becoming absolutely dependent on Electronic gadgets like smartwatches, earpods, sunglasses with speakers, etc.

Electronic gadgets are becoming quite common now and people are relying on them so much that they feel those gadgets to be among the basic necessities of their life. Moreover, especially those wearable technologies are becoming very trendy nowadays like the Apple watch.

Let’s take a look at the google trends for this term:

Wearable technology.png

As you can see, the trend of wearable technology over the last few years is quite stable. In fact, it has been growing in interest since 2019.

A niche website dedicated to wearable technology can contain things like earpods, smartwatches, sunglasses, etc. Although this can be one of the most profitable niche markets, it is also one whose content will change with the trends.

2. Home Security

Nobody likes the idea of feeling unprotected at home.

And these days, security systems and services are most affordable than ever, which makes this niche a great option.

Home security.png

The trend shows home security niche has been quite stable. In fact, it shows an increase in interest over time from 2018.

For example, you could start a niche site focused on home monitoring software, like Wi-Fi security camera systems and PIR lighting systems.

Or you could also niche down, and create a site that covers burglar-proof houses. You could cover each part of the house by promoting different products or by areas and functionality.

3. Online Dog Training

If you have a dog or you are thinking about getting one, this can be a very lucrative sub-niche.

The pet niche has massive potential since almost everybody has a pet. In particular, the market for dogs is huge, with great affiliate programs that can make you earn a decent income.

Dog training.png “Dog training” has always been a popular topic. Which makes it a safe bet.

4. Maternity Clothing

Only during the last 40 years, the population of our planet has almost doubled to over 7 billion people.

That’s a lot of babies born every single day. Which means the maternity market is huge. And the expenses for the parents already begin during the pregnancy.

Maternity clothing.png During the last 5 years, it has already proved to be a very stable niche. It has also increased in popularity amongst bloggers in this period. Meaning you have to be creative for better chances to be found on search engines.

5. Eco-Friendly Products

During the last few years, it seems people are getting more conscious about the environment.

As a result, sustainable and eco-friendly products are becoming very popular. This is one of the emerging profitable niches with low competition.

Eco friendly products.png In the trend above you can already see how this topic became trendier from the end of 2018. As a result, the recent popularity of this niche makes a great opportunity to make money online in a market with low competition at the moment.

6. Van Life

Van life is a social movement of nomadic individuals who reject the way we are all “told” to live in favor of minimalism, simplicity, adventure, and reassessing what is truly meaningful in life.

It is commonly associated with travel and glamorous images on social media, but the reality of this lifestyle is far from that.

Yet, it is gaining in popularity in recent years because you can live amazing experiences without leaving your country.

In the graphic below you can how the trend has drastically changed in the last 5 years, with a massive increase. This can translate into one of the most profitable niches with the low competition since the concept is “fairly new”

Vanlife.png Part of the reason why van life is so popular is no doubt Instagram. But the truth is that you don’t even need to travel far to live amazing experiences.

Also, many digital nomads are opting for van life for a period of their lives.

7. Drone Photography And Video

Drones can be very powerful tools in many sectors.

Its ability to get to places you could not get anywhere else and to show places from a different perspective, make them extra valuable.

And the good news is that the time when drones were an exclusive and expensive tool is long gone. These days drones are affordable, anyone can use one, and are in high demand for aerial photography and video.

Drone photography.png

Also, the new features some drone includes, make them easier to operate. Since many people have one, the offer is now huge. And even small companies can easily afford drone shots of their business.

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COVID-19 has shown many true sour colors of life. Job instability is one of them. Online businesses, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, etc. have flourished and made many millionaires even in the tough financial times of COVID-19. The important thing here to learn is we know a lot of things about Ecommerce, digital marketing, copywriting, and many more BUT we don't take action toward it. We are afraid of getting failed or being rejected. If we live in fear of rejection or failure, we won't make a move to take even the first step toward success. So, it is not important whether you get accepted or rejected, failed or successful, the important thing is your attempt. The important thing is your journey toward your success. That feeling of content can be only felt if you take action NOW.